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Why not tungsten alloy?

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Tungsten alloy product, which is a chemical compound that contains carbon and tungsten and is similar to titanium carbide. It was originally developed for use as a cutting tool, in machine tools applications, where it still finds widely use today. Cemented tungsten carbide is neither a metal nor a ceramic, which is prepared by reacting carbon and tungsten at a temperature of between 1400-2000ºC. With its highest hardness as 86~93 HRA (68~81HRC), however, it is not called tungsten alloy, but tungsten carbide, because its superior wear resistance and high cutting speed. Besides, as it is easy brickle, tungsten carbide is widely used as cutting blade, drill, bits, nozzles, etc. but for crack resistance, tungsten alloys are usually widely used as radiation shielding, crankshaft, counterweight, which are usually made of tungsten heavy alloy materil with its special properties as good elongation, small capacity with high density, good corrosion resistance, wonderful shock resistance, high radiation adsorption capability, etc.
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