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Tungsten Alloy Military Defense

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Different process methods could offer different properties, if you need high ultimate tensile strength and high hardness, tungsten alloy material usually need to be swaged, which are usually used in military field, such as tungsten heavy alloy swaging rod for armor piercing, bullet and hunting shot, tungsten alloy fragments; if they need just sintering, they could be offered as tungsten alloy cube, sphere, ball, etc. for military defense. Sometimes, in order to get a higher property, we usually add some other materials to mix the powder, such as Co, Mo, etc. If it comes to some parts used for navy, coated or electrodeposited chromium could be offered according to protect from saltness corrosion.

We offers tungsten heavy alloy high-properties defense products as per military standard Mil-T-21014, or even could adjust some manufacture processes to meet a higher requirement for physical properties of hardness (42HRC min.), ultimate tensile strength (1400 MPa min.), yield strength(1300 MPa min.), elongation (8% min.), etc. Of course, if there is a need,  we are willing to offer free standard testing rod for client evaluation before batch orde.

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